Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where Have All the Indians Gone? Native American Eastern Seaboard Dispersal Genealogy and DNA in Relation To Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony of Roanoke

By MHS Board Member Roberta Estes

Journal of Genetic Genealogy, 5(2):96-130, 2009


Within genealogy circles, family stories of Native American1 heritage exist in many families whose American ancestry is rooted in Colonial America and traverses Appalachia. The task of finding these ancestors either genealogically or using genetic genealogy is challenging.

With the advent of DNA testing, surname and other special interest projects, tools now exist to facilitate the tracing of patrilineal and matrilineal lines in present-day people, back to their origins in either Native Americans, Europeans, or Africans. This paper references and uses data from several of these public projects, but particularly the Melungeon, Lumbee, Waccamaw, North Carolina Roots and Lost Colony projects.

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