Monday, January 17, 2011

Journal of Genetic Genealogy

The Journal of Genetic Genealogy is an open access online journal presenting original work involving techniques for analyzing the results of genetic testing.

"The main emphasis of this journal will be to present a forum for articles that may not be appropriate for other established genetics journals since they may be based on datasets in which a statistically random sample cannot be guaranteed (I.e. Surname studies). Articles on individual surname studies are welcomed if they illustrate an unusual success story, present a new method of analysis, or would otherwise be of general interest to the genealogical community. Other topics might include insights into mutation rates, geographic patterns in genetic data, information that help to characterize haplogroups, and studies involving mtDNA. Beyond Y chromosomal and mtDNA topics, we encourage articles on new tools that may include X chromosome markers, and ancestrally informative autosomal markers."
This journal is intended for those who have studied genetic genealogy in some depth. You may find it interesting. It's a great FREE online source for learning more about DNA testing.

To visit the journal: Click Here.
Melungeon DNA testing and genetic genealogy: Click Here.

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  1. How extensive has your testing been on Melungeons? Does it include various groups of them or only those in one particular area? After 1619,when the first Africans were brought to Virginia,they freely married European indentured women until 1662,when Virginia passed laws prohibiting the mixing of races. Their descendents left coastal Virginia for more inland parts. Some moved into SE Virginia just above Tennessee while ome went to the Appalachians of North Carolina and ended up in Washington County,East Tennessee. This area later became Greene,Cocke, and Hawkins Counties. Melungeons include sub-Saharan African, European, sometimes also Native American; or show Asian genotypic features,ie., slanted eyes. The word Melungeon comes from Fr.melange, mixed, blended and eon/ian for "one who is" mixed, blended.


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